Monday, March 21, 2011

Hell- Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us / On Earth as It Is in Hell

Nuclear Blast Records

Hell was formed in Nottingham, England in 1982. A hard working nwobhm band Hell would release four demos (demos II & III were both released in 1983 and were the two I just recently heard again after far too long thanks to my friends over at Strappado's blog) and a single before the Belgian label Mausoleum would come knocking. Unfortunately two weeks prior to the recording of the album the label collapsed. This sadly would led to the split-up of the band, and the suicide of Dave Halliday (by carbon monoxide poisoning). While Hell were (are?) part of the nwobhm movement overall their sound was different...or better yet unique. From the vocals of Dave Holiday all the way to the sounds of the guitars Hell were all about doing their own thing and they did it. Now interestingly enough Dave Halliday taught Andy Sneap (of Sabbat fame) to play guitar and the two were close friends (Sneap has mentioned Hell as one of his main influences). So with that Andy Sneap offered up his services to work with the band as a producer. With time passing and old wounds healing the remaining members of Hell have reunited to finally record their album after nearly 25 years. Dave Halliday's vocal recordings will be used where possible while Sabbat members Martin Walkyier and Andy Sneap agreed to play on the album to replicate Dave Halliday's vocals and guitar tracks respectively. While Walkyier would leave the re-formed band he would be replaced by Kev Bower's (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals) brother David. From what I've read David Bower is a television and stage actor and those who have heard rough mixes of the full length album "Human Remains" are blown away by the power and passion he puts into the songs. I will tell you for a fact though that on this single both "Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us" and "On Earth As It Is In Hell" are straight up killer metal. Both songs can be heard (or seen rather) on Youtube and "Save Us..." is part of a free Nuclear Blast compilation on Amazon. Now Hell's 7" picture disc is limited to just 666 copies and while I don't have a copy in my hands at this exact moment I hope to remedy that within the next few weeks. There were many nwobhm and eighties metal bands that suffered the same fate as Hell. There were far too many great acts that slipped through the cracks because labels collapsed or financially the band's couldn't keep it together. Thankfully though there are lot's of record labels that are releasing these long overdue releases and Nuclear Blast will be giving Hell the royal treatment. "Human Remains" will be released in a few months and there will be a single CD, double CD (featuring demo tracks) and a 3LP set! While you wait though be sure to check out the group's single because I have a feeling that "Human Remains" is going to shred.


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