Saturday, April 02, 2011

Opposite The Satellite-Blind Spot E.P.

Self Release

Richmond,Virginia should already be well known to fans of all things heavy. Having already blessed us with Gwar, Lamb of God and Municipal Waste now the city can boast of being the birthplace of young rock band Opposite The Satellite. Featuring brothers Joseph Bloomquest(vocals,guitars) and Andrew Bloomquest (guitar) the band is backed by Todd Burton- on drums and Mitchell Ball on bass. Schiavone McGee (Formally of Fighting Gravity) provides back on the record. The E.P. is currently being remixed by Beau Hill (co-founder of Interscope Records) and his remix of the song "Low" has been made public. The other tracks I listened to are all the original mixes for now. Speaking of the track "Low" I'm certainly not alone in the thought that this track seems tailor fit for commercial radio. Lead by the emotionally charged vocals of Joseph Bloomquest "Low" has single written all over it. With it's powerful chorus and the way the song effortless moves between melody and rocker "Low" could be a surprise hit for this award winning local act. And "Low" might not even be the best number on this 5 track affair. "Synopsis" can only be described as alt/pop/thrash. And not bubbly pop mind you. More like dark and modern intelligent pop. "Blind Spot" toys with the idea of making Metallica into Staind. Progressive rock gives way to blistering metal as the band dissects modern rock with the skill of surgeons. On "Bleed Through" Joseph pleads to"tear down these fucking walls today" over a wall of sound. "Free you mind never fall in line" he cries out over a metallic emo/core melody. "H1N1" is nothing more than a whisper and ends this excellent E.P. With material like this I am eager to see what the band can do when given a full length album to play with. Find out more at the group's ReverbNation page.


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