Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Vreid (which is Norwegian for "wrath") was formed out of the ashes Windir. After the tragic death of Windir frontman Valfar in 2004 three of the former members would continue on as Vreid. They added new guitarist Ese who would be replaced in 2010 by another former Windir member Stian Bakketeig . While I know their are those who consider the band to be more or less still Windir (which would really make this album nine) I'm coming at this with a fresh perspective having never heard either act. If you were to take away the black metal vocals (which are nowhere near as bad as many in the field) what you would get would be solid thrash with touches of hard rock and heavy metal. So, yes this is black and roll more or less. I'd say more though as the music draws from some many different genres. I hear 70's rock, progressive rock and early heavy metal. I here technical thrash. I hear quite a bit to let it stand out. And as I said the vocals of guitarist Sture Dingsøyr are not nearly as obnoxious as a lot of their Norwegian brothers. More experimental black metal is what the fields desperately needs so it's good to hear Vreid pushing the limits.


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