Sunday, March 27, 2011

Panzer Bastard-Centurion




Boston's Panzar Bastard offer upa five song EP
comprised of three originals and two covers. Both are Celtic Frost covers. The first is the backbreaking "The Usurper" which is a fine representitive of where Celtic Frost was in their early days. Panzaer Bastard handle it well as they retain the deep, heavy grooves, but manage to blend in their own sound as well. The other cover is "I won't dance" from 1987's "Into the pandemonium". One of my favorite Frost songs. They do an even better job handling this cover and it's tougher task as well. This song has a delicate set-up to it and a heavy handed approach would cause it to lose it's feel. These guys understand that and do it justice. Nowonto the originals. No surprise aat all there is a Celtic Frost influence to their originals although there is also some thrash and hardcore sounds blended in as well. I love the thick, angry vocals and the focused sound. The title track is perhaps my favorite of the three originals with it's twisted riffs and fantastic sense of control. Impressive EP and I can't wait to see what they do once they release a full length album.

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