Friday, March 25, 2011

Pegazus-In metal we trust

Black leather


Let's see the cover of this one has a leather clad couple flying through the night on a steel covered winged horse-motorcycle hybrid. If you would guess this is old style fist pumping metal then you would be almost on the mark. Australia's Pegazus have been cranking out the metal since 1994. The new album is a mix of heavier influences including Judas Priest, Manowar and Anvil. They have a melodic side too at times reminding me of someone like Rough Cutt or early Crimson Glory without the high vocals. Many of the songs are powerful and strong classic style with gigantic riffs and powerful vocals. However there are a few fillers here too as they just don't seem to have the same high energy level on every track. They tackle the Priest classic "Metal Gods" and give a good showing. Although it's always tough to cover Priest just because no one else is Rob Halford, but Justin Fleming gives a good effort. The closing track "Old School Metal Dayz" features several guests in the form of Ross the boss (Manowar), Dave Shankle (Manowar) and Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) as all three deliver solos on this song. "In metal we trust" has some fine moments although it has some definite holes.

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