Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zombiefication-Midnight Stench

Chaos Records
What's this we have here? More brutal death metal from south of the border? Midnight Stench is the debut from Mexico's own Zombiefication and yes this is another unhealthy serving of bloody death metal from the fine folks over at Chaos Records. Just to make things a little more interesting though there is a touch of hardcore on tracks like "Cryptic Broadcast" and some doom/thrash in"Anthem to the Deathmarch" .But when you strip this album of all it's flesh it's the same good old fashioned death metal like your Mom and Dad grew up on. Besides that who wouldn't be curious about a band with a song called "Hitchcock Screaming in Phobia'? A nice throwback album for when you just want your death to be death metal!


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