Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forgotten Gems: God Is LSD-Spirit Of Suicide

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The time has come for something a little different for our Forgotten Gems column. Today's entry is the German band God Is LSD. As far as I know this was their only full length release. Spirit Of Suicide would be a late entry into the field of industrial rock/metal. Seeing as they had to compete with N.I.N., Ministry, Godflesh, Killing Joke and countless other already well established acts this album didn't even make a blimp on the radar. I'm sure the only reason I ordered it from a catalog was because of the awesome album art. Who wouldn't be a bit curious about a band that was labeled industrial metal and had an album cover with a picture of Hitler in a wig? Well, I was. For all intensive purposes there is nothing Earth shattering going on. Honestly it's some crappy drum machine sounds and even crappier synths. But man those guitars. And man the vocals of Thomas Ludke. Between those two this is one dirty little secret of a heavy album. Listening to it again over the past few days I was struck by just how much the guitars remind me of early Megadeth. The excellent track "C.M.T. (Live In)" has these Peace Sells...era Megadeth guitar riffs running through it."From Sucker To Sucker (Subliminal Messages)" is somewhere between heavier N.I.N. and tamer Ministry. It's an eerie number though which makes it work so well. "Girls On Fire" is probably the most unique track on the disc. It's hard edge industrial rock with a sitar and a 90's edge. "The Rise And The Fall Of Bethlehem" features everything that made Land Of Rape era Ministry appealing to me and then tweaks it for it's own enjoyment. "Spirit Of Suicide" brings 80's metal back to the party and loops it. "Trippin..... And Fucking The World" is just plain mean and ugly like that creepy guy who down the street who is well past his fifties and still lives in his Mom's basement. One of my favorite tracks actually is the album closer "Hyena(Aimless Device)" which is a cover by Aimless Device. While the original is more post punk than anything the cover version is just plain heavy and pissed off. Actually the whole album has that 90's pissed off feel and it's a shame the band didn't do more after this release. Spirit Of Suicide really is an unheralded industrial metal offering and should really be heard by Ministry fan's and even Megadeth fans!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought this cd in the 90s (60s upside down) listened to it while tripping and it was damn awesome.... the next day it sucked.... next weekend... it was awesome again

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had this unopened casette sitting around for a special occasion. Popped it in my friends car for a 2 hr ride on Halloween... And fxckin' loved it, the tape was way better than any of us expected. We ended up scoring REALgood LSD that day too, but thats wasnt the magic of the album or anything.. It was just the plan. The next day Im still blasting, still lovin the SPIRIT OF SUCIDE while cleaning the car in my really warn out witchskull costume and makeup- ending up making quite a few people interested, happy and excited, complimenting the music and my attire. All n All, i think this is sick, fun, and creative and I like it much better than a lot of other industrial I hear. Maybe its just because Im more into metal... But i'm also not a hater and and very opened minded about others music/art. I am very glad to have this gem, i am very inspired and am excited to have this in my posession.

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