Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Underride-Distorted Nation


Distorted Nation

I remember "One of us" from Seattle's Underride a few years ago. What most impressed me then was how they managed to take the spirit of late 80's/early 90's hard rock and bring it into present day. On their new release "Distorted Nation" they follow the same path only they have become far more sure of themselves and it shows. They keep the energy of hard rock and in enough smooth melodies similar to alternative rock. This is a guitar lead attack and every song hits you immediately. I tend to like my music a little heavier to be honest, but I was still immediately taken by this album. They blur genres and decades while managing to embody the real heart of hard rock. Tracks like "Paparazzi", "Don't walk away", "Inside Out" and "Road to nowhere" are just a few good examples of how Underride just attack with hooks that will immediately grab you. I found myself listening to most of the songs multiple times because they were just that catchy. Nothing fancy here, but they know how to write memorable hooks and melodies plus some fine vocals help a lot too. Definitely an album I plan on listening to throughout the year.


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