Friday, March 25, 2011

Saxon-Hammer Of The Gods Single

Militia Guard Music.

"Hammer Of The Gods" is the first single to be released from Saxon's new disc "Call To Arms". Now while I actually do prefer early Saxon (I was just listening to their s/t album the other day on my turntable) I didn't mind 2009's "Into the Labyrinth". While nothing will ever top their early material (before they went commercial) "Into the Labyrinth" was a good rock/hard rock album. "Hammer Of The Gods" shows that Biff Byford still hasn't lost a step and that Saxon know how to write English metal even after all these years. I am looking forward to the new album even if Saxon isn't the band they once were. I doubt anything they do will help them break back into the American market by now. Too much has changed musically. Just the fact though that the band soldiers on and are trying to make their music more in tune with NWOBHM than American hard rock would be enough for me.


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