Friday, March 25, 2011


Temple of Torturous

Oregon of all places seems an odd place to find an instrumental black metal artist. Especially one that specializes in drone/folk. Echtra (of Alethes, Fearthainne, and Threnos fame) handles all instruments on what is his second full length release. Composed of two parts (Paragate I & II) the music itself is rather simplistic and with only a few exceptions is the same piece played over and over again for a little over forty minutes. I will admit that the music does tend to be a bit monotonous and will not appeal to everyone. At first listen it can be a bit dry. However after listening to it another time through I became intrigued by it's dreamy darkness. There is something so beautiful in it's primitive approach. Don't let the black metal tag discourage you from trying this out though as it's got a subtle charm to it.


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