Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nasty Tendency-Hello suckers


My Graveyard

Back with their sophomore effort Italy's Nasty Tendency remind me of quite a few other acts. The first one that comes to mind is Sister Sin only with male vocals. That's because they embody a similar mid-80's accept meets Shout at the devil era Motley Crue. I also hear some Lizzy Bordon, Leatherwolf and others. This is mid 80's style metal with touches of glam mixed in. They really do a fine job of blending the two sounds together. "Stay Heavy", "Burn, baby, burn" "Metal strikes again" and "Rocket Woman" you know they didn't exactly spend a long time writing their lyrics. However they spent some time working up slick hooks, catchy choruses and they are extremely tight in their playing. The results are an 80's metal fan's wet dream. I have heard almost everything on this album before in other bands, but they sure know how to tie up into an attractive presentation because I was hooked after a few tracks. Songs like "Jailbreaker" and "Dead on arrival" were burned into my brain immediately. Despite the goofy album title and artwork this album delivers.

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