Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inner Axis-Into The Storm

Coast Rock Records

Formerly known as Midgard this German band actually formed in 1999 and originally featured a female vocalist. The group would change their name to Inner Axis in 2008 and swap out their old vocalist Martina Hacker for new guy Kai Hagemann. Into The Storm is the group's full length debut. Right off the bat you can tell where this is going just by the band's name and album art. This is epic metal territory. What you get is 43 minutes of swords and sorcery traditional metal. Somewhere between Manowar and later day Iron Maiden these guys have found themselves a home and while it's nothing special it's not bad. If there was one glaring weakness it would be vocalist Kai Hagemann who doesn't quite have the power and pose to put them over the top. As is though this will appeal to fan's of epic metal. Get ready to get your best Conan The Barbarian freak on.


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