Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Tards-Guillotine




Hailing from Kansas City The Tards are a 4 piece metal act from Kansas City, Missouri formed in 2004. Musically they are very much influenced by early thrash. I hear some early Metallica and Megadeth, but the biggest influence is definitely Anthrax. As far that goes they actually on several sounds throughout Anthrax's career. Some times they go for the throat and on other songs they are a bit more subtle. Due to that second part it took me a few times to warm up to every song, but I did. The vocals of Keegan Smith are far more different than the style that usually goes with this type of old school thrash. He has a very deep, raspy voice and you have to really focus sometimes to understand all of the lyrics. Plus he frequently barks rather than sings which isn't my favorite style. The band are followers of a galloping style of thrash, but they sure know how to control them and keep the momentum moving forward. I was impressed by their patience and attention to detail as they build up the steam on their songs. "Revolution Revolver" is probably my favorite track. At almost ten minutes long it's a heavy epic packed with tons of riffs and some of their most impressive moments fall in this song. This album is a decent outing with powerful edges all around.

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