Sunday, March 27, 2011


The Execution Kollective (TEK) 2011

"Antinomian" is the second full-length release from Australian black metal band Mhorgi. People might actually be surprised to learn that there is a growing black metal movement going on there. Formed in 2004 Mhorgi is the latest in a long line of quality black metal acts to emerge and draw their influence from old school bands Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Bathory, and Venom. This is far from a throwback album though as the group like a add a modern touch to the affair. Musically devastating and forceful the four piece band thrash things up along the way giving this more of a universal appeal. "Iron Clad Destruction" for example offers some great technical thrash to go along with it's Venom inspired black death."Necrohatred (A Tribute to Darkthrone)" is musical assault inspired by not so much Darkthrone as it is raw black n' roll. The band throw in a cover of "Mr. Crowley" that is just nuts. Forget the the gracefulness of Randy Rhodes. This is spastic black speed. That's not to say that the lead work of guitarist Robert Thorpe is shabby. Far from it. His work gets things in check and allows for this to rise above traditional black metal. This is another band looking to push the envelope of the genre by bringing the past (Venom) into the future with an emphasis of melody and mayhem. Interesting.


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