Friday, April 15, 2011

Ravencult-Morbid Blood

Hells Headbangers

Hells Headbangers (which by the way is a superb name for a heavy metal record label I must say!) have presented me with some early Easter presents by the look of things. Browsing through the available promos I feel like a kid in the a candy store (granted its more like a candy store filled with maggot filled chocolates). Over the next few days I hope to familiarize myself with the label and their unique roster. So, first off here we have Ravencult who hail from Athens and are another entry into the field of Greece's traditional black metal outfits. Wait a second here. Is traditional the word I really want to use? Rather I liken this is more blackened thrash than your normal old and crusty black metal. Never mind the lyrics which are a shade too Venom for my tastes. The music is the meat of the matter here and as a matter of fact said music had enough thrash to satisfy my inner cravings. It's not straight up crossover like Witchery or anything mind you. It's more akin to a black metal band letting their hair down a bit to rock out. Formed in 2001 Ravencult managed a series of demo/7"releases before finally unleashing their debut album "Temples Of Torment" six years later. The band then went on tour twice in Europe first embarking on a tour with Setherial/Corpus Christii and then Krisiun/Rotting Christ. The group has also appeared at several European festivals such as Festung/UMM Open Air (GER), Inferno Metal Festival (NOR), Sathanas In Gloriam (HOL), and Under The Black Sun (GER). Having also shared the stage with bands Aura Noir, Inquisition, Impiety, Mayhem, Varathron, Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Watain, Arcturus and Satyricon it looks as if Ravencult are well on their way. So, not bad for my first handful of Hells Headbangers treats. We'll have to see if their other offerings give me the same (metal) sugar rush or if they just give me cavities.


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