Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Across Tundras-Sage



This is the seventh full length album and their first on Neurot. I never heard them before, but right away loved the band name and this album cover. One spin had me knowing that band is all about creating musical landscapes. The opener "In the name of River Grand" kicks open the doors and drags you outside and over to some vast mountains. You just sit there and soak in the sun and the sounds. "Buried Arrows" summons up voices and spirits from the past with a trip to the west. They capture the tone, but tie in some stomping grooves with their deep rooted sound. "Shunks Sapa" hits with heavy dripping riffs and had me imagining running through the woods during a rain storm and the sounds around you are so loud, but you still stay focused in moving forward. Across Tundras play stoner/psychedlic rock with plenty of soul. Every track has it's own personality. The band manages to create vast worlds with their sounds and frequently they do it so easily. Prepare yourself for a stunning trip if you check this album out and you should indeed check it out.

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