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Top of the Heap-Deep Purple

Andy says-
Warner Bros. Records 1972 Released one year before I was born Machine Head would be album number six for Deep Purple. As everyone should already know it is also an album that is considered to be influential in the development of the genre that would come to be known as "heavy metal". It would also prove to be Deep Purple's most successful recording. Machine Head topped the charts in several countries following its release. The album would reach #1 in the UK.It stayed for 20 weeks in the top-40. It also reached #7 in the US at the time and remained on the Billboard 200 for 118 weeks. Everyone knows "Smoke On The Water" from the album as well as "Highway Star". "Highway Star" was even covered by Metal Church for their debut album. "Space Truckin'" has also become well known and highly praised. The album mixed in elements of classical music, blues and harder rock and made Deep Purple into household names. While I have no doubt that heavy metal would have evolved regardless of whether Deep Purple were around or not it's hard to ignore the influence that Rickie Blackmore and company had on young musicians. While I am sure it is easy to pick Machine Head as a top album because it is so well know I actually have many other Deep Purple albums in my collection. The fact is this album is just a classic and after this they experimented too much with other genres for my taste. Machine Head was and still is Deep Purple's crowning achievement.


Metal Mark says-

That's funny because my favorite Deep Purple album came out the year I was born. That is "In Rock" which was released upon everyone's unsuspecting senses and eardrums back in 1970. Opener "Speed King" lives up to it's name as it is a feverish burner. Next we get "Bloodsucker" which revolves around a killer main riff. "Child in time" is a haunting epic and one of my favorite Purple songs of all time. "Flight of the rat" is all over the place as it truly showcases every band member all at once. "Into the fire" frequently gets lost in the shuffle amidst all these great songs, but give it time and it holds it's own as a heavy hitting track. "Living wreck" might be the weakest track, but still good it's just there are so many great songs that one track was bound to be a little behind the pack. The closer "Hard Lovin' Man" is downright amazing, I mean stunning, jaw dropping display even now. Ian Gillan is just all over every song belting out every like it was his last and never stopping for a breath. Ritchie Blackmore just has you wondering how he came up with so many amazing riffs and he peels off with ease. Jon Lord just has the organ going all over the place. Ian Paice and Roger Glover keep the galloping beats going in fantastic form. Wow, still just a wonderful album that never fails to please me.

***What is your favorite Deep Purple album?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay. Alright. Are you all ready for this? I agree with... Andy! Metal be thy name, Andy and I agree on this Deep Purple album being their "crowning achievement". Plus, I can't tell a lie... I did not get "Machine Head" upgraded to CD until a couple of years or so ago. Ouch (!)

Andy, I call "Machine Head" a "Once in a lifetime Hard Rock Album". Yes, I agree this album and band helped shape the sound and style of Heavy Metal. I refer to "Hard Rock" only due to the "era" of when this album was released. I get psyched out over the cover version of Space Truckin' by Overkill too.

Metal Mark, I revere "In Rock" as well, only "Machine Head" just tips the Metal scale for me. You can read what I wrote a couple of years ago, if you want, about "Machine Head":


11:27 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

There isn't a contest or feud between us. You don't have to agree with me metalodyssey. I just don't like people assuming they know me when they don't thats all. Machine Head is a moment in music. It laid the foundation for many bands to come. Other albums have moments and there are other songs I like later on from Deep Purple. It's just for me at least the album is beyond good. Mark's choice was good though too. Deep Purple was for a time one hell of a band. While their later stuff would prove to be better than average it never blew me away like Machine Head did. And the fact that I know teenage bands that are listening to the album for inspiration speaks volumes!

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all good Andy... and I can't help agree with "Machine Head". As for later Deep Purple releases, "Perfect Strangers" is an unreal, momentous and "spirited" album from that classic lineup... IMO. \m/

7:24 PM  

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