Monday, April 11, 2011

Intervention-Growing Line Of Caskets Demo

Self Release

Intervention hail from the frozen lands of upper Finland and this is demo number three for the group. Formed in 2007 the band (Vocals - Tuomo Marttinen, Lead and rhythm guitar - Johannes Leipälä,Rhythm guitar - Juho Kilpelä,Bass and backing vocals - Joni Lehto and Drums - Ville Alakörkkö) play inspired death thrash similar in nature to early Sepultura. With only three songs ( the demo is only around 16 minutes in length) to work with you'd be surprised by how well they show off their skills. "The Mortal Shell Of Man" is powerful thrash that blows away most modern major label acts. With it's smash and grab attack style how is it that the band hasn't been picked up by a major label? This song alone is better than some of the mainstream thrash I've heard this year. The second track though really caught me off guard. "Rattlesnake Skin and Forked Tongue" has plenty of melody and technical know how. While I though I picked up on some trances of Death (the band) in the opener you can clearly hear it on track two. Not "Scream Bloody Gore" era Death or anything. I'm talking about "Crystal Mountain" (one of my favorite Death tracks of all time) Death. Thrash fan's shouldn't be scared off by this though as the vocals while aggressive are firmly rooted in thrash."Growing Line of Caskets" brings things back around to old school death/thrash. Without sounding German the song reminded me of Destruction or Kreator. It had all the trade marks of perfect thrash-killer chorus, great guitar parts, heaviness,etc. To top things off both the song and demo as whole have a top notch production. Again, not sure how they have managed to stay underground. With a demo like this someone has to take notice right? Influences like Megadeth, Sepultura and Testament will no doubt bring thrash fan's knocking I'm sure. It's the way they take these influences and work them into their own killer brand of death/thrash though that will keep the kids at the party. Ready for a band that should be big already? Check them out for yourself.


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