Thursday, April 07, 2011

Atomic Roar-Atomic Freaks

Bestial Invasion Records

If you've already read Mark's excellent review of Evil Survives new album then you'll know that retro-metal loving bands are popping up everywhere these days. While Evil Survives hail from up north our friends in Atomic Roar call Brazil home. These fun loving thrash and rollers obviously grew up listening to bands like Venom, Motorhead, Discharge, Sodom, Tank, Warfare and G.B.H. It shines through in radiating color. At not even thirty minutes Atomic Freaks (their second album) looks, feels, sounds and tastes like it was made in the mid to late eighties. Even the album art is a nod to eighties crossover bands. Simply put it's fun. Fun thrash with song titles like "Screaming from the Sewer", "Children of Three Eyes" and "Rats Can't Wait". It's nothing we haven't seen a billion times before or won't see again and again down the road. You know what though that's ok. This is one of those albums to put on when you just want to listen to some D.R.I style thrash and not have to think about life so hard. Worth tracking down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have their first demo+first cd but did not buy this album yet. Great review and of course i am going to order it soon.

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