Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Vastum-Carnal Law

20 Buck Spin

I didn't know that the Bay Area was good for more than just energetic thrash. It's actually true that there is a lot of good death metal coming out of there. The newest one Vastum features members of Acephalix, Infest, Saros,etc. What you have here is primal (and I mean cave man primal) death metal. Originally a demo recording Carnal Law is now set to unload onto the masses in all of it's brutal form as a honest to goodness release. For comparisons sake this is wretched Death/Carcass hammer in the face style death metal. Even though they are new this thing chugs along like old school death metal. Well worth checking out if your looking for a good slab of blood drenched, insane death.


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Blogger Andy said...

The CD is set for release May 31st 2011.

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