Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Priscilla-Eight Lives Gone

FnA Records

Cleveland, Ohio has another claim to fame now besides the whole river catching on fire ordeal. Introducing the one and only Priscilla and their take on sex,drugs and rock 'n roll destruction. Long story short this glossy glam band had it all in their hands and blew it. They had a catchy sound, a killer live show and music reps eating out of their hands. But, egos and drug addictions knocked over the whole house of cards. Now its years later and the band gets back on track. Following an earlier release of older material the group sat down to record their new album Eight Lives Gone. The album picks up gritty glam rock by the collar like a pissed off pit bull, shakes it all over in a drunken, foam filled rage before finally giving it a liberal head dunking in what could only be described as the sounds of the Deathstars or possibly the Murderdolls. Sounds far beyond crazy I known and yet it works. I would be sold on this album with the song "High Tonight" alone. This sleazy rocker is like the boys in Motley Crue getting some much needed shock treatment. Thing is though that there are more killer songs to be had after it. I loved the old school charm of "High Fashion" which lives somewhere between Poison and G N' R. "Blame" is half ballad/half Faster Pussycat rocker. This song alone should have ruled the airwaves in the early 90s. "Like A Tattoo" is dirty and sweaty and sounds like Hanoi Rocks jamming with L.A. Guns. "Six Six Sex" is another song that would make me buy this album in a heartbeat. It's a profanity filled shout out to every one's favorite pastime. It's filthy and fun. Priscilla obviously enjoyed their themselves the first time around and seeing as they lived to die another day they seem just fine about it. "Hiroshima Shake" shows off some nice riffs as it slithers past you. "Fade Away" is straight up bar room ballad. It's not a jaw dropping moment for Priscilla. For one thing is features too much upfront drums. It's not tragic it just is there. Thankfully the track "Kill Kult Kids" brings life back to the party before "Zinc Alloy" ends the night of debauchery. If Eight Lives Gone isn't enough to get people talking about Priscilla again then God help the state of rock and roll. This is back in black, dive bar sleaze. It's the Frankenhooker glam rock has been missing all of these years. What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of jack and your flavor of the week favorite "lady" because the night is still young and the moon is full. Time to get a little crazy and let loose again because Priscilla is just what Dr. Rock ordered!


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