Sunday, April 03, 2011

Guardians Of Time-A Beautiful Atrocity

Mayhem Music

It's within human nature to change how you view something on any given day. Something that might not appeal to you on say Monday might peak your interest on Tuesday. Often times the way in which we absorb the information around us can be affected by our moods, the surroundings or even the weather (especially if you live in Ohio where it can snow one day and be close to 65 degrees the next day). My point being that I didn't care for Guardians Of Time the first time I heard them. Specifically I found vocalist Bernt Fjellestad to be off putting. He sounded flat to me. I don't know if it was because I was listening to the disc in my car at the time or what that turned me off to him. I do know enough though to put aside a promo for awhile if it is questionable if I can give it a fair shake or not. So, I took A Beautiful Atrocity out of the car and tossed it on my desk at home. There it would sit for a few days while I waded through other reviews.Finally I decided to give it another listen at home in a different environment. Produced by Audun Grønnestad ( who has worked with such bands as Trail of Tears, Angel and Imperia) A Beautiful Atrocity is album number three for this Norwegian power metal band and the band's first new material in over seven years. Their bio actually nails it on the head when it states they are in the same genre of Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche and Gamma Ray. Throw in some Fates Warning and your there. Mind you this is nowhere near being a progressive metal album. It's just that something about their sound reminds me of a heavier Fate and I'm not quite sure what it is. Regardless, the second time around found me much more receptive towards this album. This is some solid (if not overly original) power metal that has all the right tools to get by. The softer parts have great melody and the heavy parts offer punch. So while I still don't jump out of my shoes over the release I have to say Guardians Of Time are better than I initially gave them credit for.


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