Sunday, April 03, 2011

Scale the summit-The collective




I was very impressed by 2009's "Carving Desert Canyons" from Scale the summit with it's seamless mix of prog rock, jazz and metal. Now the Houston based instrumental band return with a new outing. Quite honestly I think "The collective" is even better. The skill level of all the band members has always been high and everyone contributes so much to the sound. Yet I think their playing as gotten even better since the last album. The band seem to be more aggressive and direct in their playing now too. They have always been smooth and as a band had a great sense of how to make their songs flow. On this album they maintain the same flow, but add in a heavier edge and take a few more chances as well. Their sound isn't about being in your face or showing off some kind technical wankery, but rather it's about creating musical landscapes and they certainly succeed with that. Track like "Balkan", "Secret Earth" and "The levitated" are fine examples of that style. Unlike some other progressive bands most of Scale the summit's tracks are shorter in length with the majority being under four minutes in length. Still they have so many ideas during that time that you certainly don't feel cheated. This is an album that I liked immediately, but it's also one where I know that I will find more to like about it each time I listen to it. One of the most exciting albums of 2011 so far.

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