Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Death Wolf-Death Wolf

Regain/Blooddawn Records

Once upon a time Death Wolf was known as Devils Whorehouse. Formed in 2000 by Marduk guitarist Morgan Håkansson and Hrafn (who was playing in some local band at the time) the group started out as a Misfits/Samhain cover band. As Devils Whorehouse they released 2 Full Length albums and 2 EPs. From reading through reviews of those albums it seems safe to say the band changed their name but the game still sounds the same. What you have here is Danzig inspired deathrock. I don't have a line-up listed in front of me so I'm guessing this is Maelstrom handling vocals. Really he does sound close to Glenn Danzig though I also hear some Tom Araya in his delivery. Musically like I said this is deathrock or at least it aims to be. You can tell the band was aiming for that heavy & fast almost punk approach. It just doesn't reach it. Sorry. Part of the problem is that too much of it sounds alike. And the production seems thin to me. I kept turning the album up looking for that heaviness. It never came. I appreciate what these guys are trying to do. It's a bit step going from being in a black metal group to worshiping all things Glenn. I give then a A for effort and for trying to make something different. Execution though is more like a C- though. Sorry guys maybe next album.


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