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Translation Loss


Gravaton features Sacha Dunable of Intronaut and members of the Californian band National Sunday Law. "Massless" is an appropriate enough album title as the overall sound tends to float out there just beyond your senses. They pull in a number of styles including ambiant, stoner rock, post metal, doom, eletronic and just out there spacey sounds are all put in odd places through the course of "Massless". Some tracks like "Baryon" and "Hadron" are laid back mellow affairs that will have beginning to lay back and feel your body floating as the sounds make their gradual ascent. Then they completely shift gears for something like "Tachyon" wich pulls upon a tough and dirty doom/stoner riff as it's back bone, but occasionaly it too wonders towards the stars. One of my absolute favorite tracks is the closer "Photon" with it's twisted trippiness. As a whole Graviton have managed to weave a spin a whole universe worth of sounds and tones into these ten songs. Many of the songs just float or happen rather than having a real distinct course. That's fine with me because there is plenty here to take in. You just have to open up to it, relax and be prepared that it may take more than one play to gather it all in. I always love movies about space and I usually feel the same about music that brings in the same ideas or sensations. Really a stunning album.

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