Thursday, April 07, 2011

Death Mask-Sitting In The Dark

Self Release

"Time Of The Signs" starts off Sitting In The Dark with the sounds of air sirens before kicking into heavy power metal. It seems rather fitting to give a fair warning to the bombing this album does on the senses. Really, 20+ years away from the scene and you bounce back with an album that sounds this good? What were they doing all those years away other than slowly crafting killer British metal infused American power metal? Didn't the realize that metal needs albums like this? Sitting In The Dark really doesn't sound like any other band or album though. Death Mask has their own sound going on here and that sound seems like it's only picked up steam. "Time Of The Signs" offers power to the listener before "It's In You" pulls you in with it's dark embrace. "Sitting In The Dark" retains the feel of old American power metal while giving it a modern epic feel. Steven Michaels still has that voice that reaches out to you. On "More" he leads guitarist Benny Ransom and company on a commanding charge into near thrash territory. "Contrary Mary" is just punching power. I loved the razor sharp guitar riffs laid down during it. "Driving Blind" blitzed with speed metal. "Real Pain" is over six minutes of dreary doom tinged power metal. It's not my favorite track but I give them a nod for the spacey feeling they tacked on. "Corruption" begins with the sound of a lonely guitar before it launches into straight up heavy metal. Again, the flashy guitar playing of Ransom really works. His solo flirts with blues while the rest of the band lays down a hard and heavy beat. Speaking of hard and heavy "Symptom Of The Universe" is both of those and loud. The band really goes out of their way to draw from the classics (both British and American) and add spice to them. By the time "Season Of Hatred" rolls around you feel like you've had the chance listen to some classic metal remade for modern fans. A great follow up to Split The Atom and a sign that Death Mask have returned with a vengeance.


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