Friday, April 08, 2011

U.D.O.-Leatherhead EP


What is it with U.D.O. and his choice of album cover art? I don't get the face paint my friend. It distracts from what is otherwise a pretty good EP. “Leatherhead” and “Rock´N´Roll Soldiers” are both from U.D.O.'s new album "Rev-Raptor" (due for release in May) and showcase what makes U.D.O. (the band) so great. No one sounds like UDO. His unique voice carries both of these good old fashioned traditional metal tunes. There is no confusing his snarl and that's a good thing. "Free Or Rebellion" (as well as "Run!") were both previously only available on the 2004's “Thundervision” DVD. Again, both are good but "Free Or Rebellion" is more on the mark in my mind. Also included are the video clips “Leatherhead” and “Jingle Balls” . This is a nice little EP and makes me look forward to "Rev-Raptor" in May.


Blogger Michael said...

King Diamond might have a thing or two to say about Udo's new face paint.....

2:19 PM  

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