Monday, April 11, 2011

Cypher Seer-Origins

Nightmare Records

This New Jersey/New York based traditional metal band was born under the name of Malakis Reign in 2003. In 2007 the band had to change its name to Cypher Seer due to legal issues. They signed to Sentinel Steel Records that same year and released their debut album "Awkening Day". The album was critically received by the press although public reaction was mixed. At the time the group was lead by well traveled veteran vocalist Michael Grant (Crescent Shield, Legend Maker, Onward).The album as good as it was had a by-the-numbers feel to it. Fast forward some to the tail end of 2008 and Cypher Seer found themselves in the rebuilding process. With guitarists Sergio Ribeiro and Rod Mariani (Arctic Flame) remaining the sole original members along with keyboardist Sergio Oliveira the search began for a new singer and rhythm section. The vocalist spot would be filled by Zeno Rodrigo(Perfect Syn) with the rhythm spot going to drummer Lee Corrado and bassist Kristian Lolo(Death by Names, Sporadic Suicide).The group would also find a new home with Nightmare Records. As was "Awakening Day" their sophmore album "Origins" was edited and mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom ( In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Dream Evil) and features some top notch and stellar production. Is it more exciting then "Awakening Day" though or it more of the same? Yes and no. Really a little of both. Musically this is top notch traditional/power metal with some progressive touches added for flare. Vocalist Zeno Rodrigo has a great set of pipes and is more than capable. In fact he really does help carry the music. And as I said the music is tight. Obviously influenced by In Flames( since producer Fredrick Nordstrom is a huge supporter)and bands like Scar Symmetry,Blind Guardian and Soilwork there is no denying the skill of Cypher Seer. I'd even say for me at least I find the album an improvement over "Awakening Day". It's just that the album doesn't have that "wow" moment. It's good yes and will appeal to progressive and power metal fans. I just wanted to love this album and I only liked it. Still worth checking out though.


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