Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pagan's Mind-Heavenly Ecstasy


It's hard to believe that "Heavenly Ecstasy" will make album number six for Norwegian progressive power metal act Pagan's Mind. Formed in the year 2000 (and originally playing 80's inspired metal) the group started off as Silverspoon. Looking to make a fresh start and longing to write and play their own music the group made some line-up changes and changed their name. Their debut album "Infinity Divine" would be released on Facefront/Voices of Wonder later that same year. Now signed to SPV/Steamhammer the group have released their latest album of epic sci-fi and fantasy inspired melodic metal. "Heavenly Ecstasy" will not appeal to everyone. It's powerful and melodic enough to bridge gaps it's just that it has this air to it that is almost like space rock. Lyrically as I said it's very epic and sweeping. I read up on the band before writing this review to find out some of their influences. While I was familiar with their sound (this was not my first walk around the block with Pagan's Mind just so you know) I was also curious what made them tick. I don't know how true this is but I read that the group was influenced by the film (and series?) Stargate. If true it would explain the feeling I get when listening to them. I liked this album quite a bit. From the word go yes it is true that songs like "Eyes Of Fire" and "Intermission" offer enough bang to appeal to modern metal fans. It's simply that I'm reminded about what a friend described Pagan's Mind as. When talking about metal bands Pagan's Mind came into the discussion and he said "you mean that New Age power metal band?". I've always remembered that. Whether the title is fair or not Pagan's Mind does have a dreamy feel to them. People seem to really be memorized by them or turned off by all the synthesizers and rock inspired showmanship. I think they offer something different and that is the one thing metal fans can't get their heads around. If melody and metal though are something you can entertain your senses with then I'd highly suggest "Heavenly Ecstasy". It's something different and different can be good in this case.


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