Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Essence-Lost In Violence

Ultimhate Records

This is for my good friend Jason who said I just had to check out this album. Now Jason is a thrash fan first and foremost so it's not like I didn't know what I was getting myself into with Lost In Violence. This full length debut from the Denmark's own Essence packs some serious punch let me tell you. The first thing I hear is some Artillery influence. But, unlike Artillery the guys in Essence seem to be aiming at more of a early Exodus/Metallica/Testament style of thrash than the near death metal Artillery ended up playing. That and they make things interesting. The opener features some middle eastern flair for example while they also throw in some hardcore leanings. Vocalist Lasse Skov does take some getting used to at first. Once I was used to him though I sat back and enjoyed some fine quality thrash that bounces along nicely plowing a nice path of destruction as it goes. I can see why this young groups has gotten quite a bit of praise from fellow metal musicians. While I might not be ready to dub this thrash album of the year like my friend Jason I will say it is promising start and I look forward to what these four lads come up with next!


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