Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twisted Tower Dire-Make it dark


Cruze Del Sur

Metal in general is faring well these days. However those of who got into metal in the 80's probably have various, but strong memories of the changing musical climate as the 80's made way for the 90's. I remember the mid-90's being particularly rough as metal seemed to have been pushed out or at least pushed underground. It was during these rough times that Virginia's Twisted Tower Dire emerged. Not only did they come out playing metal during a time when it wasn't in fashion, but they were big into classic metal and NWOBHM. Even though that wasn't a popular path at the time the band stuck to their guns and here they are over fifteen years later as they emerge with their fifth album. We thank the metal gods that bands like this had the guts to believe in what they loved. "Make it dark" is a fantastic outing sure to please us old grey around the edges metal fans, but it's also exciting enough to pull in some younger fans that realize how great this style of metal is. We are treated to eight songs of slick real metal drawing from the likes of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Tygers of Pan Tang, Omen and others. Their music is slightly upbeat and that works for me here because it just adds to making it a fun listen. Sometimes metal fans are famous for being so set in their ways, but the melodies mixed in the clssix metal sound work wonders on this album. Twisted Tower Dire have solid vocals, tight riffs, striking solos and more. They capture the soul of what I love about classic metal on this album. Check it out and crank it up.

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OpenID said...

they always put out better than average releases. really good live too.

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