Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Debauchery-Germany's Next Death Metal


The story of Thomas Gurrath losing his job as a teacher in May of 2010 because his performances were "a form of mental instability that made him unsafe to be around children" is nothing short of funny. Being told it was his job as a teacher or his music Gurrath chose the latter and quite. Maybe it had something to do with the bands love of all things sex and violence? Formed in 2000 this is already the seventh album from Germany death rock outfit Debauchery. Like a teenage metal maniacs wet dreams Debauchery creator Thomas Gurrath mixes brutal death rock with gory artwork, blood covered women and (in a live setting) porno video clips. Too bad that Tipper and the PMRC isn't around today as they would have a field day with this act! More or less a solo outfit these days (with Gurrath hiring studio musicians to fill on record and in a live setting) Germany's Next Death Metal gives us what it promises "blood and tits". Cue songs like "Zombie Blitzkrieg", "Animal Holocaust" and "School Shooter". Mixing hard rock roots (born of AC/DC and Motorhead) with death metal isn't a new game. One would like to think there are bands that can make it work better than others and Debauchery falls into the latter. Throwing in a death drenched cover of "School's Out" (Alice Cooper) keeps things interesting. Worth a check if sex, violence and death n' roll are your thing.


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