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This 7" single is the sole recording of New York's Rex Vector. Having seen it floating around the web on various blogs I finally decided to check it out thanks to the encouragement of some friends (who like me live and die for obscure 80's metal). This rare single goes for top dollar whenever a copy pops up for sale and has appeared on numerous bootleg comps. Rather a shame this was it for this three piece band. "Breathe Fire" is more like smoking fire! Pure 80's this track is a barn burner of a number. It's wild and out of control sounding almost like it was recorded live. From it's guitar solos to the drums (which make frequent use of the cymbals) "Breathe Fire" is like a step cousin to Exciter and Motley Crue (circa Too Fast For Love) by way of bands like Steel Vengeance. Meanwhile Side B gave us the number "Sit Tight". Not as good as "Breathe Fire" the song has more of a tradition metal feeling not unlike L.A. metal (without the glam). It makes you wonder just what this band was aiming for? Either way "Breathe Fire" is an 80's must have number. U.S. metal in the early eighties produced so many great bands who never made it. I would be curious to find out more to what made Rex Vector tick. Little information is to be found online about the New York band. I imagine though somewhere these guys are sitting around with their kids telling them all about the glory days when U.S. metal was where it was at.


Blogger Slooks said...

Hi Andy.
Thanks so much for the complimentary review!
I was the guitarist for Rex Vector amd co-founder along with the drummer/vocalist Randall Longton.
Such great times in NYC back then and we really felt part of the NYC/East Coast Metal scene for sure!
Played alot of gigs, met some great people and partied loke rock stars!!!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Awesome to hear from you. Anytime you'd like to set up an interview and talk about the band, your career, etc just drop me a line!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Mark Warner said...

Hey Stewart, you left out the guy that actually wrote Breathe Fire...that would be me. Such a dork.

11:20 AM  

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