Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whitesnake- Live At Donington 1990

Frontier Records

On August 18th, 1990 Whitesnake headlined at the premier UKfestival, the legendary Monsters Of Rock at Castle Donington, now known as Download. This 2 disc collection captures the band (Steve Vai & Adrian Vandenberg on guitars, bassist Rudy Sarzo, drummer Tommy Aldridge & singer David Coverdale) at thier best in a live setting. While my knowledge of Whitesnake might be limited (I enjoy their hits but never explored their catalog beyond that) I do know one thing and that is that Whitesnake sound good live (or at least on this collection). David Coverdale has aged well and sounds great on hits "Is This Love" and "Here I Go Again" while Steve Vai's "Adagio For Strato" and "Flying Dutchman Boogie" are like manna from heaven! "Crying In The Rain" (featuring Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo) is top notch as well and its cool to see all the band members get a chance to shine. Usually I wouldn't go from all the over the top solos (they can tend to be a bit much) but on this album the guys are all so good and play with such magic that I didn't mind. The band certainly sounded as if they were on fire and this recording does do the concert justice in that you can almost feel like you were there. Whitesnake fans will love this release. Casual fans should check this out too. Hearing "Still Of The Night" as a live powerful rocker will make you think twice about Whitesnake. They had the goods to lay down powerful performances and this collection proves it.


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