Monday, May 16, 2011

Afterparty Massacre Movie Soundtrack

Ibex Moon Records / HorrorMerch

Horror movies and heavy metal go together like beer and pretzels. With Afterparty Massacre( you have a new horror film that promises not only blood and guts but death metal as well! From the promo: "During a brutal Incantation show, a female fan is attacked and lashes out as her attacker finds out what happens when you push a damaged mind too far. Her bloodlust consumes everyone in her way (friend, fan, band and foe alike) until only a pile of bodies is left within this bloody massacre. With the killer being as patient and calculating as she is torturous and demented, her killing spree is a precise and bloody massacre to witness." With a soundtrack featuring 12 songs exclusive tracks from the bands Incantation (with a studio and a live version of the new song), Denial Fiend (featuring members of DRI, Obituary, Massacre, Six Feet Under, etc), Gravehill, Goreaphobia, Soulless, Feral, Funerus, Estuary, Fatalist, Lifeless and two tracks by Cardiac Arrest there is bound to be some treats. Top of the list for me would be Denial Fiends "Afterparty Massacre" and Gravehill's cover of "If You Want Blood" (by AC/DC of course!). I also enjoyed "Bleed You Dry" by Soulless. With its Slayer gone death metal assault it is heaviness bliss. The fact is that mixed in with all of these samples from the movie are slabs of killer death and gore metal bands. With the Motorhead touch Feral offer up "Necrofilthiac". The band Death gets a much needed nod of appreciation from Fatalist on their cover of "Beyond The Unholy Grave". A must have for extreme music fans the CD release is also a multimedia release with a brand new live Incantation video for the song Lead to Desolation, a brand new Afterparty Massacre movie trailer and includes a huge 19 inch tall double sided fold out poster. The Afterparty Massacre horror movie will be out later this summer while the CD is due to drop in June. How can you go wrong with a soundtrack that includes so much great death metal?


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