Friday, May 13, 2011

Whitesnake-Live At Donington 1990

Frontiers Records

Daily visitors will no doubt have noticed that we lost some of our content when blogger went down. It seems to have happened across the board with other blogs as well. With that being the case I lost my review of Live At Donington 1990 that I did yesterday. So, here goes nothing as I type up my second review of Whitesnake's newest offering. On August 18th, 1990 Whitesnake headlined at the premier UKfestival, the legendary Monsters Of Rock at Castle Donington, now known as Download. Their peformance was part of The Monsters of Rock festival and their world tour saw the band play to over one million people. With the band featuring top notch musicians Steve Vai & Adrian Vandenberg on guitars, bassist Rudy Sarzo, drummer Tommy Aldridge & singer David Coverdale their should have been no doubt that live this would be a one of a kind event. This 2 disc collection captures all of the magic of being their. David Coverdale still sounds good on the Whitesnake classics like "Is This Love" and "Here I Go Again". Does the guy even age? I was surprised how well he still sounds after all the years (Whitesnake were founded in 1977 so they had already been at it for awhile). Steve Vai offers up his thing on "Adagio For Strato" and "Flying Dutchman Boogie" while "Crying In The Rain" features a Tommy Aldridge drum solo. Usually I wouldn't go for all the pomp and circumstance of these sort of solos but here I found them pretty cool. Honestly, with my knowledge of Whitesnake being mostly their hits (I never took the time to check out their back catalog) I was treated to some good hard rock. The band were firing on all cylinders and it must have been something to be there. The sound on this collection does the band justice and in a way you feel like you could have been there. Whitesnake fans will love this one while hard rock fans might find themselves surprised (like I was) at how well the band rocks out!


Blogger 80smetalman said...

I was at that concert and Whitesnake were brilliant. However, the other bands on that card: Aerosmith (best on the day in my opinion), Poison, The Quireboys and Thunder were all equally good. It was a day to remember.

6:01 AM  

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