Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TYR-The lay of Thrym



Some times I cringe a bit when I see a viking/pagan metal album waiting for me to review it. Not that I don't like the genre, but it's a style that where a band can quickly go into the cornball category just because of the theme. A bad viking metal album can seem to go on forever. However I am fortunate in that the band in question are TYR. The raise their hammers and launch into another impressive assault with their latest release. At the heart of their music is a definite classic metal sound. They build upon that sound with spectaular melodies, instantly memorable choruses and an impressive grasp of how to control all that they set out to do. The subject matter is mostly preictable, but the songwriting and skillful playing makes this album that I took to right away. TYR love their epics and with good reason because they sure they how to crank them out and maintain the listener's interest. I definitely see this as an album I will be spinning for some time to come.

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Blogger The Klepto said...

New Tyr? Sweet. I loved their last release

8:23 AM  

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