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Manifest-Contents Of Conviction



Chelmsford, MA act Manifest was formed in 2001. The band would release an EP in 2003 while building up a sizeable local following in and around the New England area. Being that the band members were still young though (they were attending both UMASS Lowell and Berklee College of Music) the group was forced to go on hiatus. Regrouping in 2009 the band recorded another EP looking to tour behind it as well as and look for mainstream distribution. Internal problems though would force a shake up within the band leaving just three (out of the original five members) to carry on. Now 2011 finds the band with a new full length recording and the continued desire to tour and seek proper label distribution. With their bio listing influences ranging from Meshuggah to Dream Theater it would be safe to gather that your looking at something along the line of experimental/progressive metalcore. With the title track kicking off the album the Meshuggah influence grabs your attention first and foremost. My first instinct was to dismiss this album flat out as a copy-cat. Also the "clean" vocals I found to be flat. Thankfully I gave Manifest a chance though as "7eight1" was brutal and a better idea of what the band was aiming for. Looking to add clean vocal parts with the now standard screams is pure metalcore as is the mix of melodic guitar parts and insane drumming. Manifest works best though when they let down their hair (so to speak) and just get wild. The progressive moments work perfect when balanced with out and out chaos. "In Debt We Burn" shows off the bands hardcore edge and these were the times Contents Of Conviction worked best when the band really started laying down the heavy. As far as the "clean" vocals they did grow on me as the disc went on. "The Elocation To This Fragile Life" sounded just right with the slow opening as it showcased the proper balance needed to pull off metalcore. All and all Manifest might still be a tad unbalanced here and there but their goal to be a unique force of progressive tinted hardcore metal shows tons of promise and (more importantly) charisma which could very well help get the band that label interest they long for.!


Anonymous Shep said...

The song is called 7eight1... Tool.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

OMG I forgot the "1" on the tail end of that! Thanks for pointing that one out. Don't I just feel so silly now....

PS. Thanks for adding to our hit count Mr. Anal!

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Shep said...

You're welcome for the hits man. And hey, all I'm saying is that if you take your self seriously as a reviewer, you should spell the song names correctly. It kind of.... makes you look like a tool.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

And all I'm saying is that when you do spellcheck it might not actually pick up little mistakes like that. I hardly take myself that seriously anyway. If your so serious about it then you really do need to get out more. See the town, have a night out with some friends. Just don't let yourself be locked away in a room somewhere looking for spelling mistakes in songs. It makes you look like you have no life!

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Shep said...

Can't rely on spellcheck holms, that's amateur... By the by, Manifest isn't from Chelmsford. They're from Lowell... Tool.

Hey and just because I corrected you on a silly mistake, that doesn't mean you have to take it out on my "locked away in a room life"... It really hurts my feelings. :(

7:38 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Per their website they are from the Lowell/ Chelmsford. I just put down that part. Man, what is it with people like you who get so freakin' anal about shit like this? I'm used to people saying either "this bad sucks you idiot" or "how can you say they suck when they rule jackass?". When I find folks like you though usually Mark and I just have a good laugh at your expense!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Shep said...

Well when you put incorrect/misspelled information in a review (which sucks by the way) someone is going to correct you, and rightly so. These guys have worked on this shit for years, and they didn't name the song 7eight. They named is 7eight1... It says 7eight1 on the back of the album.... 7eight1 is said a bunch of times in the song... It just kind of looks like you half assed it. I won't even get into what I think about your smarmy comments in the review itself. Judging on how you take being spell corrected and called a tool, I don't want to further hurt your feelings.

Critiquing is something that's necessary for bands and albums, I understand that completely. But when you start making foolish spelling mistakes.... You end up looking like a tool.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Shep-We welcome all comments that pertain to the topic. You made your point and the correction has been. We respect differing opinions and respond to them as we see fit. If you want to disagree with a view on the music then please do so because as I said we welcome and appreciate differing views. However you keep coming back to a point that has been corrected and you continue to feel the need to use name calling. It doesn't hurt our feelings because as Andy said it's a regular occurance. I even put many of the best ones on the right side of the page for everyone to see. However I don't think that calling names does anyone any good in the long run. We have quite a few other topics here and we certainly encourage you to explore them and add any comments that you want. Thanks for stopping by.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

"Swarmy Comments"? I thought I made it clear I like the album? Oh well. I know a lot of bands who worked their asses (for years) and put out shit albums so what is your point? You don't have to agree with my review that is your think. If you think it sucks don't read it! Won't bother me one bit. I write the reviews for myself first and foremost. I also write them because I love music and it is a passion! Mark and I both do this for free just for the love of the music. If I mess up a song title then so be. It happens. I move on. I correct it and move on. These reviews though are my opinions alone. If you don't like them so be it. Fact is though I'm doing these reviews of small bands to give them exposure. I do it to support indie and underground acts. That is what I did with Manifest. If the review wasn't up to your standards then again I am so sorry Shep. Thing is mine seems to be one of the only ones floating around the net so at least I am trying to help out Manifest!

9:46 AM  

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