Saturday, May 14, 2011

Karma to burn-V



West Virginia's burn return with "V" and they are one of the most energetic stoner rock bands going today in my opinion. They knock out thick-chugging songs with ease. There are five instrumental songs on here and three with vocals. With the instrumentals you really get a chance to hang your focus on the gargantuan grooves that they create. Most of the tracks are fairly basic, but this band know how to construct strong yet simples songs that plow along. Their sound has a 70's foundation with a definite fascination for Sabbath, but there is some early AC/DC boogie in there on a few moments as well. They switch from sludge driven heaviness to punchy head bobbing metal and then back at the drop of a hat. Daniel Davies sang on three songs that were recorded earlier this year, but he has since left returning the band to a trio. On the three tracks with vocals we get two songs that have a huge Sabbath influence and the third is an inspired cover of surprise, surprise-Black Sabbath in the form of "Never say die". A shame Davies has left the band because he sounds great, but I guess the band will soldier on as this album is ready to be released. Karma to burn have a relaxed, easy going feel to their music that has me thinking they really love playing this style. Fantastic stoner rock that I intend to have pounding in my ears for some time to come.

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Blogger The Klepto said...

I can only handle a handful of their songs at a time, but if they are putting some lyrics in there it may be worth my time

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