Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nether Regions-Into the breech



Portland's Nether Regions have unleashed a snarling monster of an album upon us. It's hard to pin down style wise though. It includes parts of doom, thrash, post metal and maybe even another sub-genre or two. Tracks like "Into the breech/ Spanish werewolves" and "Blood Ritual" are massive machines that will grind you under the weight of their sheer force. The band manages to be brutal without being overbearing. Other tracks like "Alpha/Omega" and "Your name is madness" are swirling displays of attacks from directions as the band pours out numerous styles and sounds without missing a beat. The album manages to be adventurous, but is never tiresome. However the different approaches to different tracks make it unpredictable which is fine, but this is likely an album that will require a few plays to really take in all that they are creating. Kudos to Nether Regions for creating an album that has doom at the heart of the sound, but that manages to reach beyond that style and add in so much more.

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