Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gravehill-When All Roads Lead To Hell

Dark Descent Records

Wouldn't it be kind of comical if a band that looks like this played pop rock? I don't know where that came from I just thought it would be kind of ironic. When your band's promo picture looks like this you can guess the music is going to be heavy and nasty. Originally forming in 2001 the band would split up and then reform again in 2007 by which point Thorgrimm (drums) was the only original member. Following a demo, EP, full length album and compilation disc comes When All Roads Lead To Hell. From the minute "Unholy Executioner" comes blasting on you known what is in store for you-full blown heavy death. Some thrash does filter into the mix on "Devil Worshiper" and "Hell Metal Holocaust" but otherwise you'll find good old death metal. And as I said it is heavy...heavy and crunchy blasts of pure death. Good stuff.


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