Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something Involving A Monkey- Demo

Self Release

A 3 song demo from a 3 piece band. I'll leave it to Something Involving A Monkey to discuss their demo "Our 3 song demo we did at Closed Door Studios in Willoughby, under the guidance of Jerome Cylin, who was involved in the group ControlAltDelete, with Matt Lucy from 5 Fifths Studio, who also plays in the band Pale Creation, who once played in Baltimore.......". This demo found it's way into my hands at a local show I attended (for The Approach & The Execution who headlined and stole the show but I digress) for a reasonable donation of $5 (hey, I got a sticker when I mentioned that I was a writer for Heavy Metal Time Machine!). At the show I remember thinking that the band (who played a set filled with enough samples to make Ministry proud!) sounded like the Butthole Surfers meet Old Lady Drivers at a rave party. The demo (I'm thankful to say) follows the same sort of mental madness although obviously for legal reasons (thanks corporate music lawyers!) the samples are not there. Otherwise this is some whacked out stuff. Call it "Avant-Metal" if you must all I know for sure is that this three piece band of motley misfits are like The Monkees in that people say they "monkey around" but really they're just trying to make music the only way they know how and that is with cup loads of metal, special brownies and maybe some of that "Kook Aid" all the kids have been talking about. Forget "planking" kids. Why not get down with some cool chimps who may (or may not) have escaped from a medical laboratory!


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