Friday, May 27, 2011


Hammerfist Records

Back in 2002 Overkill guitarist Dave Linsk let the vicious beast known as SPEED\KILL/HATE out of it's cage and things got crazy. Pulling in some familiar faces (Derek Tailer and Tim Mallare of Overkill) he went out and recruited vocalist Mario Frasca and the result was 2005's Acts of Insanity. Things were never quite the same again as the band was like Overkill with rabies. The style was fast and furious New York style hardcore street metal/thrash. Truth be told even with a new cast of characters surrounding him the song remains the same. Bringing in Bob Barnak on vocals, Dave Bizzigotti (Ripping Corpse) on bass and Tony Ochoa (Sindrome, Jungle Rot) on drums has only made the sound angrier. Speed Kill Hate's style is still go for the throat thrash. Similar in nature to a charging rhino Dave Linsk brings his guitar to the forefront. His licks slash everything in sight. Album opener "No Remorse" offers us the first glimpse that this band is for real. From there things just pick up speed. Sure this still tends to sound like Dave's regular band on a hardcore binge. But I picked up bits of Exodus, early Metallica and Exhorder. Intense is the word on OUT FOR BLOOD. By the album's closing number "The Cleansing" is a stack of bodies that have been left bloody and bruised from this 10 song onslaught. Pure face ripping thrash.


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