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Metal Blade

The first time I heard Sweden's Sister was listening to some very rough versions of some tracks they had on their myspace back around 2007 I think. It was raw, but good. I know they knocked out some demos around that time too. By late 2009 their image had changed as they went from looking like Motley Crue circa 1983 to wearing all black leather and lots of black hair coloring on their mop tops. Also the sound had a punk rock edge to it and quite a bit more energy. Then last year they were signed to Metal Blade and now we get their debut on that label. "Hated" definitely picks up on the same style demonstrated on "Deadboys making noise". In fact it overlaps as a few tracks from the 2009 album show up on the new release as well. Imagine if the Murderdolls/Wednesday 13, Crashdiet and Faster Pussycat were swirled up together and you would understand the starting point for the Sister's sound. Sister sure aren't your fluffy, ballad-loving kind of glam band. Tracks like "Bodyblow", "Spit on me" and "Bullshit and backstabbing" are kick to the gut kind of tracks. It's also obvious that these guys are growing as songwriters because the hooks are sharp and almost every song flows with ease. I almost can't believe that this is the same band I heard over three years ago. Sweden has been a hot bed for glam bands over the last 5-6 years, but many have not made a huge impact on these shores. Here's hoping Metal Blade knows what they have in Sister and that they promote them accordingly. Hard rock fans need to check this one out for sure.

2008 Interview

Deadboys making noise review 2009

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