Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Entrenched-Preemptive Strike


When your bio claims that your "one of the best unsigned death metal bands on the planet" then you better back that up with a monster of a debut album. New Jersey's Entrenched were formed in 2009 by Sean Fitzpatrick (guitarist/bassist/vocalist) and Charles Snyder (drums/vocals). Other than some lead guitar work by Mike Mullins Entrenched is just a two headed beast. Preemptive Strike is war obsessed death in the tradition of bands like Bolt Thrower, Invasion Jungle Rot and Hail Of Bullets. For an independent release the production works. It has a slightly fuzzed out feel giving it an old school appeal. The only glitz is the way the songs abruptly end. Some fade out moments would have been nice. Now other than the tag-teamed vocals (which tend to be overpowered by the actual music) Entrenched have a well rounded and mature sound that seems older than their actual age would suggest. Preemptive Strike embodies the greats of war death while also sharing an obvious love for thrash like Kreater, Destruction and later era Carcass. There really isn't a bad song to be found in the bunch even if some songs tend to blur together. Are Entrenched one of the best unsigned death metal bands out there? I'll let you decide for yourself.


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I never thought I would agree with this option.

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