Monday, June 13, 2011

Under Fire--s/t


Under Fire was a project started by guitarist Cary Sharaf. Sharaf is perhaps best known for having played with Billy Squier's band on the "Don't say no" album and tour. Sharaf began to organize his own group so he could have an for songs he had written. This lead to Under Fire which also included keyboardist Jimmy Waldo (New England, Alcatrazz). This album was recorded back in the 80's, but due to a variety of issues it never saw the light of day back then. However it has been re-issued several times in more recent years so that fans can finally get to hear it. It's very 80's style AOR/hard rock that is slightly uneven and under produced in spots, but fans of 80's AOR will find enough to warrant giving it a shot. There is a definite emphasis on melodies and the band has it going their way when they go for a straight AOR sound. Think late 70's Journey and that's a fair starting point. Some of their more hard rock sounding tracks are a bit more pedestrian, but still decent.
The album definitely would have had more impact twenty plus years ago then it does today, but a decent and outing overall.

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