Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trillion Red-Two Tongues


Patrick Brown (Vocals, keys, guitar, bass) and Max ( Drums) are the creative force behind new band Trillion Red. The bio that came with this promo let me know that "Two Tongues EP were written from 2007-2009 in San Francisco. Patrick and Max met for the first time in 2009 and began adding beats and refining song structures. Songs were completed in 2010 and then recorded shortly thereafter" and that the band members share backgrounds in garage rock and "dark metal". So with that I put my earplugs in and let this 4 track EP lead me where it would. And low and beyond Trillion Red sure do seem the product of their past works. Well, that would be far too easy to just let this go as dark garage rock/metal. For one thing there are more interesting layers than that title would imply. Yes the music draws from post-rock and ambient metal. That much is obvious on first listen. The primitive rhythms though hide some finely crafted goth and alternative rock that recalls the early years of college radio when music was taking huge steps. Trillion Red could easily have been born of 1980s indie rock and have worked their way backwards taking in the sounds of early industrial bands if one didn't know any better. With a full length album due out in 2012 Trillion Red has already left a good first impression.


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