Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Endangered Reign-Fractured Reality


Michigan based outfit Endangered Reign have been around for over a decade and "Fractured Reality" marks their third full legnth release. The band claims to sound similar to Nevermore, Iced Earth, Evergrey, Megadeth, Maiden, and Brainstorm. I heard some of those, but not quite all. Basicly they play a mostly mid-tempo style of classic metal and blend in elements of thrash, power and progerssive metal as well. Nothing totally new, but overall they are certainly very steady in their execution. The sound is heavy enough to pull in my attention right away yet they are not afraid to blend in some melodies as well. Plus they are quite good at making the melodies work with their metal edges. On several occasions they really impressed me with some stunning main riffs. What I liked most about them was their consistancy and their focus. My only complaint on this album is that the production could have had a slightly fuller sound when the vocals kick in. That doesn't detract from this being a metal album that will definitely appeal to fans of a classic style.

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