Monday, June 06, 2011

Rote Mare-Serpents of the church



Rote Mare originally began as a one man project but soon became a 4 piece. They have been a 4 piece band now for almost 2 years. They knocked out a few demos and in 2010 released their debut EP "Sorrows Path". Now we get their first full length which includes seven tracks of pure doom and clocks in around 76 minutes. That's the background so let's get into the music on this one. This is very stripped down doom with a great deal of concentration put on every single note and beat that they crank out. This is certainly album that requires some patience from the listener, but you will be rewarded if you sit back and really focus on what this band is constructing. The music reminds me some of early Saint Vitus with it's very deliberate pacing and a definite emphasis on a plodding approach. The music is overall more consistent than the vocals, but both contribute greatly towards really creating a dark mood. Rote Marie's sound is certainly rooted in a traditional doom style, but they add in enough touches to bring it close to today's time as well. Nothing fancy here, but this band is certainly making great progress.

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