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Andy says-
Proto-thrash act Avenger were a second-generation NWOBHM band formed in 1982 by Brian Ross, Mick Moore and Garry Young. Ross and Moore had previously been in Blitzkrieg together and looked at Avenger as a fresh start. However Brian Rose's stint in Avenger would be short lived. He would record the "Too Wild to Tame" single with Avenger before leaving to join fellow NWOBHM band Satan. As it turned out Satan had an opening for a vocalist as Ian Swift had left the band earlier. In a weird move Swift decided to join Avenger in what amounted to a vocalist swap. Avenger managed two albums for Neat Records in their short career before calling it a day.Ian Swift joined Atomkraft while Garry Young joined a re-formed Blitzkrieg. Avenger's style was raw but energetic. Like Raven before them Avenger were also about speed. They played fast (if sometimes sloppy) British metal. Their music would inspire a generation of kids to pick up their guitars and play lights out heavy metal. The band would reform later on with various members laying claim to the name Avenger. While they remain active (in one shape or another) no new music has been seen from them. They appear to be nothing more than a touring act in their home country. For those looking to see what Avenger were all about both albums are available on Itunes and Too Wild to Tame - The Anthology collects all of their recordings. While not the most original of NWOBHM bands to emerge Avenger are still an enjoyable listen especially for those looking to find out how the movement influenced the thrash and speed-metal genres.

Metal Mark says-

I think that I heard a song by Avenger on a compilation back in the 80's, but cannot remember what song it was. I never actually heard a whole album by them until recently. A shame because they are a very energetic band. They were very anxious to to play fast and that's one thing that set them apart a little bit. Although their basic sound is similar to other NWOBHM bands just slightly sped up. They were not the greatest technical band, but they made up for that by just pushing ahead and trying to keep the momentum going. They are known almost as much for their connections to other bands as they are for their music. That's a shame that they have been somewhat overlooked. Because listening to them you can hear how along with Raven and Vnom that they would have been a NWOBHM metal that could and possibly did have a definite influence on early speed metal acts. Frequently solos just fly right out of there even if they didn't completely fit, but you have to admire their energy and their desire to throw all they had into their music. They knew the power of a good riff too and made the most out of what they had. Definitely a band with a lot of spirit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw them live some months ago and they were very very bad. Just one original member and the rest had no metal attitude at all, they looked more like modern metal fans, than classic metal fans. Also they played the songs different, not in the classic AVENGER way. Very sad. Still i think those two first lps are great and also the song they had on a compilation with BLITZKRIEG singer singing.

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